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Wellborn United Methodist Church Silver Club
May 8, 2015
Steering Committee Minutes
The inaugural meeting of the Silver Club Steering Committee was called to order at 10:11 a.m. by Chair Cheryl Clark. Those invited to attend the first meeting were, in addition to the Chair, Norman Clark, Kathy Lyons, Janet Parker and Rev. Dr. Everett L. Parker.
 Mrs. Clark briefly described the concept of the Silver Club, mentioning that there are no age limits (i.e., one does not need to be 65 or older), but that the group would be primarily aimed at older adults. The purpose would be to address social needs of older folks in the Suwannee-Columbia area (not just limited to Wellborn or to Wellborn UMC members and friends). 
  Discussion centered on various projects the group could be involved in. There was discussion on expanding the Wednesday Bingo program to include more of these folks, and providing a sandwich lunch and social time once a week following Bingo. Kathy Lyons will coordinate the Bingo, as she has been doing for years, but now under the aegis of the Silver Club. If that works well, and we are able to attract enough people, a hot lunch may be provided. Outreach Ministries Manager Roy VanSise has agreed to prepare the lunches and others from the youth group will be involved when possible. While there would be no charge for the luncheon, it was agreed a donation basket could be set out for those who wished to contribute. There was around-the-table discussion on programs and activities for those taking part in the Silver Club. It was emphasized that simple events, not of long duration, would be best. The group would plan, initially at least, to go out to eat once a month at noon. In addition to Bingo each Wednesday, other events might include a board game program, speakers. etc. The idea is to provide a short program at least weekly where older folks can interact with other people.
  There was great interest in involving the church youth group with the Silver Club folks. Mrs. Norman said she will meet with Youth Services Director Monica Tannehill to set up a program where the young people can instruct the Silver Club in social media, particularly Facebook. In turn, the Senior Club folks would provide mentoring for young people and participate in their activities as well. There was agreement that the sky was the limit on the number of different activities and events that could be offered. They key was keeping the activities short, low cost, and fun. 
  The Silver Club concept will be one way the Wellborn UMC reaches out to the community. The coordinating committee will be composed of those invited to attend the inaugural meeting, and will be expanded at the chair’s discretion.
 Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:23 a.m.
Everett L. Parker
Secretary pro tempore